Popular Pastries In Italian Culture

dessert-812050_640When someone says pastry, most minds will jump to sweet, delicious dessert type treats. While many pastries are eventually turned into a sweet treat, pastries can actually be sweet or savory. Something is considered a pastry when it is in a dough form created with water, shortening, and flour. With Italian pastries, you get a bit of both as some popular types of pastries are sweet while others can be more savory.

One of the most popular sweet, according to a quick New York City Search Engine Optimization check is Italian pastries is cannoli. Cannoli first originated in Sicily and have remained a staple throughout the years. Cannoli have also become very popular in Italian-based American cuisine. Cannoli are created by filling fried pastry dough with a sweet filling. Traditionally, the cream filling is created using ricotta. In America, you can occasionally find cannoli that skip the ricotta and use mascarpone or a simple custard for the filling.

Another sweet, Italian pastry is called bruttiboni. Bruttiboni is mostly made in central Italy, or Prato. This type of pastry is traditionally a biscuit that is either flavored with almond or hazelnut. To create these cookies, meringue is incorporated with chopped nuts that have been roasted.

In Italy, a savory type of pastry is called a panzerotto. A panzerotto was created in Southern and Central Italy. Panzerotto is a type of savory turnover, similar to a calzone. While similar to a calzone with shape and dough, Panzerotto are typically fried instead of baked. Common fillings for these pastries include ham, tomato, mozzarella, spinach, baby corn, and mushrooms.

Pastries are a very popular part of cuisine in many different cultures. Although different cultures create pastries in many different forms, they are standard in the form of dough created. No matter where you travel in the world, you’ll be able to experience amazing pastries that differ greatly from other areas.